Who are we?

So who are we?

We, right now, is me, aka Mattie, although my ultimate goal is for “us” to be a community of women sharing that certain wisdom that comes with some years of living and experiencing life. The idea came from a monologue by Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show called “A Salute to MILFs”. (For the uninitiated: Mothers I’d Like to F**k) wherein he praises the wisdom and curviness of those of us who’ve bloomed fully into womanhood. (Okay, those words are mine. But the sentiment was similar.) I plan to eventually provide a link to the monologue in question.

What’s this “wisdom” you’re talking about, Mattie? you may ask.

It’s the knowledge of who we are at our core, and finding out we enjoy her company.

It’s that place where we’ve stopped trying to morph somehow to conform to the world at large and start choosing the more intimate world where we fit, where people “get” us and accept us, fundamentally.

It’s a feeling of fearlessness, of arrival and settling in with ourselves so we can embark on an exciting journey into the world and through our lives.

Although the seed of this idea began with a degree of “ageism”, it’s not about age at all. Indeed, ideally the younger (and with more minimal trauma) we come to this place, the better. As we grow together, with all the lovely (and loving) resources we can gather and contribute, we can learn how to bring others to it, and in all facets of our diversity, the community is enriched. .

Everyone is welcome.

I’m currently barefoot on the slippery ice, finding my bearings, and thus the site will mature and deepen and expand. And in order to build a community, as I being to glide more smoothly, I will be providing ways for people to post diaries or articles for others to read and comment about.

I’ll likely slip and fall a bit while I work this all out. Life is for learning.


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